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Gateway City Park LbNA #56303

Plant date:Nov 1, 2010
Planted by:Box Runner
Found by: Buckysfirst
Last found:Jun 18, 2013
Last edited:Nov 1, 2010
The Gateway City Park is located between Garfield and Gateway, AR. along Hwy 62. As you enter the park locate the flag pole. Take the path nearest the pole head east towards the fence line. When you come to the "T" in the path go to the left. About 50 steps or paces from where you turned left you will see a fallen tree leaning against a fence and fence post. There between the tree and fence post undercover you will find what you seek. And while at the park, sit a spell, have a picnic, a game of hoops, or a walk. A great place to stretch after being on the road and a great place to have the children burn up some of that energy. You will need a pen and stamp pad. Please cover up again. Good Luck!!