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Bear Cub LbNA #5616

Plant date:Sep 9, 2003
Planted by:A-Bear (&J-Bear) Contact
Found by: C-Sierra
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 9, 2003
As of September 20, 2010:
The rest stop is closed for construction until 2011. However, the box is still accessible by taking the exit for the Donner Summit Pacific Crest Trail Trailhead, which is also the exit for Castle Peak/Boreal Ridge Road. Park in the large parking lot for the trailhead. As you hike along the trail, the first intersection that you come to is also mentioned in the clue (between the first and second crossings of the dried up creek). Good luck!

Placed by A-Bear.

"Bear Cub" is a part of the Leap Frog Nature Series that I started placing in California and will consist of boxes all over based on this series of children's books.

Level of Difficulty: Easy, but might be cold and of course not accessible in the winter. About 20 minutes total.

Directions: Travelling east bound on I-80 stretch your legs at the Donner Summit Rest Area about 3 miles west of Truckee.

Clues: The Blue Star awaits you from which you must head 30 paces/60 steps at 178 degrees to the start of the trail between two slender and not so straight trees. Proceed on this trail. Cross a dried up stream. Take the Pacific Access Trail at 140 degrees at an intersection with a sign. Cross the dried up creek again (possibly not dried up at other times of the year). Head up the trail with all the large boulders on your left. The trail descends a little and you will have two small stumps on the right side of the trail. The first one is flattened, while the next one you come to is about 6inches high. From it head 265 degrees for 10 paces/20 steps along the small trail to cracked granite boulder. Inside the southeast side of this beautiful granite rock with a flat triangle shaped rock covering the hole is where the Bear Cub was last seen before hibernating.