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wedding rock LbNA #55987

Plant date:Oct 7, 2010
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Oct 7, 2010
Head towards Trinidad depending on which way your coming from the exit may differ. Take the Patricks Point exit and head to the parks entrance (yes you will have to pay $8.00 to get in for the day sorry its not my fault). Once you pay follow the main road until you get to a fork with a triangular patch of grass in between the roads. Go left and pass the parking lot on the right,keep going until you get to the next fork take the right and pay attention to the sign and stay left. Park and find the Wedding Rock trail head follow the path as soon as you start theres a fork take a right then at the next fork take a left. Follow the trail and pass the smaller trail to the right and keep following your current path that winds up and around to wedding rock. Walk around and enjoy the view and the fresh ocean air when your done find the center area there should be 3 other areas one a few steps above you, one on the same level as you are standing and then theres a lower area. Look down towards the lower area you will notice at the base of the rock wall that wraps around the outside of wedding rock. At the bottom there are four missing rocks a few feet apart go to the one on the far left. Search this hole to find my first letter box please be careful and respectful. Be sure to replace as you found as far back in the hole as you can with the rocks covering it up.