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Sutter Buttes LbNA #5593

Owner:Jiggs Contact
Plant date:Sep 7, 2003
Found by: clarkaw
Last found: Oct 23, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 7, 2003
* NOTE* Mrs Jiggs checked on an replaced the logbook 13 Jun 2008!

Highway 20 west from Yuba City we go,
Turn right at 76 gas, Acacia St. You know.

Go straight through the stop sign, don't stay here,
Pass the Sutter Union High School, now you're getting near.

Follow onto Pass Road, going left you turn,
Peacocks aplenty on this corner, you'll learn.

Get out at John Fremont's monument,
Very close now, don't relent!

To get your bearing, find the day in May,
How many paces across the front I say.

Multiply the answers together, you're doing great,
Now walk 38 paces from the west corner, going straight.

A five-headed tree you will see,
Behind this tree, could it be?

Yeah you found it, I knew you could,
Our little friend, the Sutter Butte!

PS, And if a geocache is your quest,
keep going 50 paces west!

If you're looking for the 20 minute scenic route,
Keep on driving through the Buttes!