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Headstone Carves: Clasped Hands LbNA #55853

Owner:Knotty Lady Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 28, 2010
Location: Glenwood Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found: Aug 8, 2014
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Aug 9, 2019
We have had a love of cemeteries and always find ourselves finding them as we explore each new area we visit. Huntsville, as in many locations, has many interesting cemeteries that we have loved to explore and find out more about the people that are there. One such cemetery is where we have planted our next box. We hope that you will find your way here and learn more too. This is a copy of the Historic marker placed in this cemetery that tells a bit about this one.

Glenwood Cemetery replaced the original slave cemetery, known as "Georgia," which had been established in 1818 and located north of the present Huntsville Hospital. Glenwood Cemetery was established in 1870 by the City of Huntsville following the purchase of 10 acres from the Benjamin W. Blake estate, originally a part of the John Brahan Plantation. Additional land was added in 1875 from the W.W. Darwin family, resulting in the current configuration. Distinguished African Americans buried here include veterans of America's wars beginning with the Civil War, former slaves, accomplished artisans, professionals in many fields, clergymen, educators, entrepreneurs, politicians, and other leaders.

The cemetery is located off of Hall Street, very close to the downtown area of Huntsville, you will need to map it out in advance because it is tucked away in an area that might be tricky to get to. As you pull in the driveway (the only road in) you will see the historic marker and that the drive splits in two, you want the one to the right. As you drive slowly around this loop you will take note of some of the people that are here and the two you are looking for the most at this point are Emma and Charlie Donegan, who must have liked to read and are now laid to rest under the shade of two clasping cedar trees, notice the clasping hands on the stone, as they walk down memory lane. Park near here and walk on past their stone to the cedars behind it. In one of these you will find a planters pouch cradled with yet another pair of clasping hands.

Please be careful of muggles there seems to be a main walking path going through this cemetery for the people that live under the bridge. Please re-hide well and be mindful of where you are.