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Aruba Beach Series - Lighthouse LbNA #55417

Owner:Ajan P's Contact
Plant date:Aug 21, 2010
City:The Lighthouse
Found by: Carmel7
Last found:Apr 13, 2016
Last edited:Nov 16, 2015
Go to the California Lighthouse and enjoy the views of the ocean. As you leave, drive to light pole #7. Standing at the light pole and in line with the lighthouse there will be a large rock/coral outcropping in front of you and slightly to your left. Walk 20 paces toward the lighthouse and you will come to an opening with 3 rocks on your right and the rest on your left. Go to the 3rd rock (approx 36 paces from light pole #7). You will find the lighthouse hidden in the rock with several other smaller rocks helping to conceal its resting place.