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Aruba Beach Series- Sea Shells LbNA #55362

Plant date:Aug 21, 2010
City:Baby Beach
Planted by:Ajan P's
Found by: ghostcrown
Last found:Apr 11, 2012
Last edited:Aug 21, 2010
If you rent a car or take a tour to increase your Aruba experience, make sure you visit Baby Beach. When you pull into the parking area to Baby Beach you will see where a small stone wall begins on the right- park here and walk across the street to a small paved path leading up the hill. Follow the path up the hill to a small parking lot surrounded by another low wall. Look left toward the ocean to a large cactus. Go beyond the cactus to the edge and look over to see the Baby Beach sign and flag poles across the street. Here at your feet you will find your prize tucked into the ledge covered with rocks at the base and slightly to the left of a divi divi/pricker tree. Please let us know the condition of the letterbox so next time we visit we can maintain it. Good luck!