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Stough Canyon Bluebird LbNA #55189

Owner:ZTeam Contact
Plant date:Aug 18, 2010
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found: Aug 2, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 8, 2015
(This is the ZTeam's first letterbox! We'll try to start carving our own stamps soon)

A beautiful bluebird has gone to visit Stough Nature Center in Burbank, California.

After you find a parking space, make your way to the large wooden bridge that connects to the Nature Center. Don't go onto the bridge. Turn right and walk until you find a golden "1" that marks a small path, with steps going down. Take the stairs. At the bottom, turn left and follow the path until you reach the bottom, where the path ends. You will see a large tree to your left and another strait ahead. Go towards the tree that is strait ahead. Pass the large branch on the ground on the left and approach the base of the tree. Place your back against the closest tree trunk and face back towards the parking area. Near your feet, you will see some large rocks, half buried in the ground. Walk to the two white stones. Just past the white stones is a flat stone with stripes on it. On the other side of the flat, striped stone is a pile of rocks. Bluebird is nesting under this pile.

The first to find this can also help a traveller on her way!