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Old Philadelphia Church LbNA #54858

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Plant date:Jul 29, 2010
Found by: craftlover10101
Last found:Mar 27, 2016
Last edited:Jul 29, 2010
The Old Philadelphia Church on Larkin Road was built in 1858 and is one of the oldest standing Churches in the state.

It is on the National Register of Historic Places. In the front of the church, there are two doors. The women were to enter at the left door and the men entered at the right door. Inside, there is a half wall separating the men from the women and children. The church stands empty except for one service each year. There are no accommodations inside the church. Consequently, eventually everyone (including letterboxers) must go behind the church to find what they need.

Be sure to check out the cemetery next to the church. There are many old graves contained in it.
Along with many pioneers of the county, Margaret Lafferty Creswell, the daughter of John and Sarah Lafferty, lies buried here. Margaret's husband, James Lytle Creswell, and his family were among the family alliance that included the Laffertys and Trimbles.

The Ozark Paranormal Society has filmed video at night of the church, investigating the claims that it is haunted, as several people claim.

To get to the church, drive out of Melbourne on Route 9 until you reach Larkin Road. Turn right on Larkin and drive until you see the church. It is several miles. You can also enter Larkin Road from Highway 56 and go three miles south to find the church.

My daughter and granddaughter (AR Hillbilly) are in the area so if the box needs maintenance, let me know. Please be respectful of the area and the graveyard and enjoy the drive and the solitude of the area.