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Peter Pan in Stanley Park LbNA #54613

Plant date:Jul 15, 2010
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:benjemma
Found by: Gem and Her Diamonds (3)
Last found:Oct 2, 2017
Last edited:Sep 27, 2015
This series was created for my 5-year-old son, as a tribute to one of his favourite stories and movies (loosely based on the J.M. Barrie book and Disney movie). It works best if you walk it, rather than bike or drive it, and takes about 2 hours to do the full loop on foot.

First of all, you will need a good map of “Neverland”:

Start your journey at the concession stand in the Lumbermen’s Arch Picnic Area near the spray park. A good spot to park is in the parking lot near the spray park – when you enter Stanley Park, follow the signs to the Aquarium, go north along Avison Way past the Aquarium, and turn left into the small parking lot just before you get to Park Drive. Note that you must pay a fee to park your car.

From the parking lot, walk down the path towards Lumbermen’s Arch, which from the parking lot looks like two huge tree trunks in the shape of an upside-down “V”, holding up a large fallen tree. Keep walking until you are facing the concession stand.

BOX #1: THE DARLING CHILDREN (NB. This box is currently missing, but will be replaced soon!)

Once upon a time, there were three children named Wendy, John, and Michael Darling. They lived with their beloved dog Nana in this lovely “house” (point to the concession stand) in a city called London. The children loved to tell each other stories of pirates and faraway places. Can you find them as they tell each other stories? They are hiding in their “garden” in their backyard. Can you find their “garden”?

From the children’s “house” (concession stand), you will see a path that goes right and down towards the stone bridge, a flat path that goes left and straight, and a path that goes left and curves up a hill and into the forest behind the “house”. To get to the “garden” behind the “house” and find the children, you need to take the path on the left that curves up the hill. Just before you reach a wooden post on your left with a green sign indicating Pipeline Rd. 0.7 km ahead, there will be a small clearing on your right. This is the children’s “garden”. On one side of the “garden”, on the side closest to the “house”, is a medium-sized boulder. Across from it, on the other side of the “garden”, can you see two big trees with a medium-sized stump in between them? There are two small trees growing from the stump. One of those small trees has a trunk with lots of limbs growing from it. Look at the base of the stump near that trunk, on the side of the stump that is closest to the “house”. There is a small hole between the roots. Dig inside. There is some bark and dried leaves that are keeping the children well hidden. Be sure to hide them well again and cover them with the bark and leaves when you put them back!


One day, a very special young boy named Peter Pan was passing by the children’s house and he could hear Wendy, John, and Michael telling stories. Now Peter Pan was not an ordinary boy. He could fly and he came from a magical place called Neverland, where no one ever grows up. He knew all about pirates because pirates lived in Neverland. He had had many battles with one very mean pirate named Captain Hook.

So when Peter Pan was flying by the children’s house, he was very interested in hearing more about their pirate stories. His fairy friend Tinkerbell was with him, and they were listening carefully to the stories as they hid close to the garden.

Can you find Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flying nearby? They are back out near where that green sign was that said Pipeline Rd. 0.7 km. Go back to that sign, and then look up in the forest behind the sign. Can you see there is a big chopped down fallen tree just up on the right? Its stump is next to it. Go to that stump and look in the base of the stump, on the side nearest to the path you just came from. Dig deep inside a hole in between the roots, carefully removing some bark and dried leaves to find Peter Pan and Tinkerbell hiding inside. Make sure to hide them just as well when you put them back!


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell decided to go say hi to the children. Wendy, John, and Michael were so excited to meet Peter Pan and were very curious about how he could fly. Peter Pan explained that Tinkerbell could sprinkle fairy dust on them and if they thought really happy thoughts, they could fly!

Peter Pan asked the children if they wanted to fly too and if they wanted to come and visit Neverland. The children said YES! So Tinkerbell sprinkled some fairy dust on them and they thought their happiest thoughts and started to fly! Do you want to pretend to fly too? What is your happy thought?

But how do we know which way to go to Neverland? Peter Pan said they needed to follow the “second star to the right and straight on until morning!” You have to go back through the children’s “garden” and walk towards the stone bridge, then turn right and go left under the stone bridge towards the spray park.

Welcome to Neverland, said Peter Pan!

What do you see in Neverland? This is “Cannibal’s Cove” (spray park). Can you see Captain Hook’s pirate ship over on your right? Watch out for cannonballs! And can you see the big rock with lots of caves and waterfalls next to Captain Hook’s ship? That place is called Skull Rock.

Now the first place that Wendy wanted to see was a placed called Mermaid’s Lagoon. Mermaids are creatures that have bodies like people, but have tails like fish, and they live in the water. To get to Mermaid’s Lagoon, you first have to turn right and walk past Captain Hook’s ship and Skull Rock. There is a sign at the edge of “Cannibal’s Cove” that says Survivors Along the Shore. From this spot, can you see way down the path that there is a dragon’s head on a grassy knoll, pointing out towards the water (the Empress of Japan Figurehead)? You need to walk in that direction.

Keep walking past the dragonhead and look out into the water and see if you can find a mermaid sitting on a rock (Girl in a Wetsuit statue). Do you see her? Near the sign that tells you about this mermaid, there are 3 benches. Two are close to the sign but don’t have any dedications on them, and one bench is just a bit further down the path, with a dedication to Jim Roche and Lorne Green. Behind that bench, there is a sign that has the number 30 on it. Can you find it? Next to this sign is a big tree. This is a very busy bike path so it may be hard to be discrete, but try! Look on the side of the tree that is closest to the bench. Dig around in the ivy plants and you’ll see that at the base of the tree is a little hole. There’s a mermaid hiding inside, but you’ll have to remove the bark and leaves before you can find her. Hide her well when you put her back!


While Peter Pan and the children were watching the mermaids in the lagoon, all of a sudden they spotted Captain Hook and his pirates in their ship in the ocean! The pirates had captured a little girl called Tiger Lily and took her back to Skull Rock. Peter Pan decided he would save Tiger Lily! He went into Skull Rock and pretended his voice was Captain Hook’s voice and told the pirates to let Tiger Lily go. He sure tricked them because they believed him and let Tiger Lily go!

Peter Pan brought Tiger Lily back to where she lived. It was a bit of walk to get there. She lived in a small village with tall wooden poles that were carved and painted with faces of all kinds of animals. They were called totem poles. Can you find Tiger Lily’s village?

You need to keep walking along the seawall, away from “Cannibal’s Cove” and the mermaid (clockwise direction). Out in the distance, you may be able to see a red and white lighthouse. Before you reach that point, about 5 minutes’ walk along the seawall, there will be a lookout on your right side that has a cement base and black iron railings. Take the stairs on your right next to this lookout point, go up to the road and cross it. Follow the gravel path with a wooden split rail fence on your left, and the concession stand on your right. Turn left and keep following the split rail fence. Can you see all the totem poles? What kinds of animals do you see on the totem poles? Tiger Lily’s home is very close by. Follow the path as it veers left along the semi-circle facing the totem poles. You need to find the last totem pole along the path. It has a big rectangle at the top with a big round face in the middle. That is the moon. Can you find it? It is called Chief Skedans Mortuary Pole. From here, keep walking straight along the path until you see a small grassy spot on your left. There’s a big flat rock in the grass. Can you see it? This little clearing is across from a small water fountain labelled the Peter Guernsey Memorial Fountain. Go into this little grassy area. As you get to the back part of this grassy area, there is a small path on your left that leads you to a wooden fence. Go the fence. The right side of the fence points you to the centre of where many tree trunks meet. Dig around inside the dried leaves and bark at the centre of these tree trunks to find Tiger Lily’s home. Cover her up with leaves and bark again when you put her back!


Tiger Lily’s friends and family were so happy to see her again and so thankful that Peter Pan had saved her. But Captain Hook was really mad that Peter Pan had saved Tiger Lily. Captain Hook decided that he would have to have a sword battle with Peter Pan. But how would he get Peter Pan to come to his ship?

Captain Hook had an idea… He decided he needed to find Peter Pan’s home and his friends who lived there. Peter Pan lived with many other children who had never grown up. They were called the Lost Boys. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys lived inside a tree called the Hangman’s Tree. Can you find this tree? It is hidden in the forest and you need to walk a bit to get there.

First, you need to go back out towards the totem poles and the concession stand. Go to the left of the concession stand and out into the field behind it. In the distance, you’ll see some trees, a long hedge lined with benches, and a cream- and brown-colored house to the left. Head towards this house (Brockton Cricket Pavilion). Go left around the side of the house and towards the long hedge that circles the big oval field (Brockton oval). Go left and follow the hedge, going around the oval in a clockwise direction. You’ll go between 2 boulders and past a softball diamond on your left. As you keep circling around the oval, you’ll approach a brown and yellow building. There is a path going left and a straight path along the building towards the entrance (where the washrooms and water fountains are). You want to take the path going left and heading up into the forest.

There is a fork in the path just up ahead. Take the path on the right (Mallard Trail), with the wooden post with the green sign that says Aquarium 0.2 km. You will see several huge, sky-scraping, decaying stumps along the way, mostly on your left side. But after a minute or two, just as you see cars in the parking lot up ahead, there will be a giant barkless tree stump on your right, stretching up towards the sky, one that is perfect for climbing inside. That’s Hangman’s Tree! Can you see it? That is where Peter Pan and the Lost Boys live! To find them, you need to go on the side of Hangman’s Tree that is farthest away from the path. To get to that side, go around the smaller stump next to Hangman’s Tree, the one that has bark on it, and go to the other side of Hangman’s Tree. Watch out for prickly blackberry bushes! Go near where the ferns grow, closer to the side where the parking lot of the aquarium is. Look deep inside the base of the tree, in a hole between the roots. The Lost Boys are hiding behind bark and dried leaves. Hide them well when you put them back!


Now Captain Hook and his pirates also found Peter Pan’s home and they captured all of the Lost Boys and brought them to Captain Hook’s ship. When Peter Pan arrived at his home, he saw that the Lost Boys were all gone! He knew he had to go to Captain Hook’s ship in Cannibal’s Cove to save them. Do you remember where his ship was when you first got to Neverland? To get there, you have to take the path out of the forest towards the parking lot and road. Then turn right and follow the road all the way to Park Drive. You need to cross Park Drive and go onto the seawall, but be careful of cars and bikes here! (or alternatively, if you don’t want to cross the busy road, you can go back towards Lumbermen’s Arch and then under the stone bridge to the spray park). When you get to the seawall, turn left and walk up to Skull Rock and Captain Hook’s pirate ship.

There on the ship, Peter Pan and Captain Hook had a mighty battle but in the end, Peter Pan won! He threw Captain Hook into the water and he was chased away by a crocodile, never to return again. Neverland was a happy place once again! Can you find Captain Hook being chased away by the crocodile?

Go between the ship and Skull Rock, all the way to the back. You will see a wooden fence that comes up close to a cement wall with blue railings behind Skull Rock. This is a very busy spot, so it may be tough to find just the right moment to look for this box - luckily most of the kids are busy playing here so they may not notice... Go to the end of the fence, the side closest to the cement wall, and peek your head through the top and middle railings of the wooden fence. Look down and just below, at the edge of the wooden fence, is a pile of barnacle-covered dark rocks. Lift these up to see Captain Hook running away! Be sure to cover him up well with the big flat rock and then all the other rocks piled up around it, so noone else can find him by accident.

Finally, Wendy, John, and Michael missed their mom and dad and so Peter Pan flew with them back to their home in London. Can you fly back under the bridge, back to their home? They returned to their house and said goodbye to Peter Pan. They loved their adventure and continued to tell stories about pirates and Peter Pan every night after that.