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Summer Solstace LbNA #54490

Owner:The End Contact
Plant date:Jul 10, 2010
Found by: knottyknitter&dirtmonkey
Last found: Oct 10, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 10, 2010
Sorry to say this box has been reported missing. Will get to a boxer up in Anchorage and see if she will check

Delany Park Strip is the site where Anchorage had it's first plane landing runway. See Merrill Field for more info.

Anchorage has a "summer solstace" festival here on this "Park strip" every year so Meow II sugested putting it here.
That being said let's see if you can find the summer sun.

Parking on 10th Street,walk across the strip towards the corner of 9th and L streets.Looking that direction you will see a tall,stately spruce tree( NO pines in Alaska) See the faint glimmer???
Going up under the spruce you will see a row of rocks in front of you.From you RIGHT there is a large rock,then a smaller sharp rock sticking up. ( sun getting warmer?)
Kneeling at the smaller rock,look at the LEFT of the bush.
Carefully clearing away the leaves,so the summer sun does not blind, you will find the summer solstace.

If you are careful you can stamp here under the spruce that is helping to hide the box.Sugested colors are yellow and blue.( I put in a black wedge as Anchorage does not have 24 hours of sun.)

Please rehide carefully.

Nana C and the Seedlings have taken over my boxes