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Red Rock - Lillooet LbNA #54400

Owner:Gold Country Contact
Plant date:Jun 10, 2010
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 10, 2010
• Parking is available at the paved turnaround at the south end of Victoria Street.
• Red Rock Trail is the road straight off the end of the turnaround that follows along the bank.
• Follow the trail along the bank and turn right at the intersecting road and follow it up the hill.
• Take the first right, just before the large blue water reservoir.
• Stay left on the flat area under the power lines.
• The proper road runs left and starts to climb again after the power lines.
• Stay on this road all the way up to Red Rock (do not follow any of the small dirt bike or hiking trails off the road)
• There is a new fire road that starts to descend from the switchback just below Red Rock. Do not go down this road, continue your ascent on the old road to the left.
• The road ends at Red Rock. Follow the trail 50 meters down the ridge to the view point.
• Remember this is a hike, be prepared with plenty of water and let others know where you are headed.
• As Red Rock breaks into view on your left, the cache is ~20 m towards the viewpoint on the trail. Then turn right and go ~3 m just down over a small ledge and it is camouflaged in rock.

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