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Desolation Wilderness LbNA #5367

Plant date:Aug 3, 2003
City:South Lake Tahoe
County:El Dorado
Planted by:Fred
Found by: Azroadie
Last found:Jul 3, 2008
Last edited:Aug 3, 2003
Desolation Wilderness
Our Letterbox is a .6 mile hike up and through some of the most beautiful wilderness in the Sierra mountians. Desolation is a 100 sq. mile area that is only open to hikers. With many lakes to backpack to or just day hike, its worth any time you can spend there. You will need a few things to find our L.B. A pair of hiking boots, compass, and water bottle ( to drink on the hike). You will travel by car, watertaxi and by foot. Directions are as follows:start at Echo lake, take the water taxi (roundtrip) it shortens the hike by 2.5 miles each way. Follow the PCT(Pacific Crest Trail) from the dock .6 mile until you come to the PCT & Triangle Lake trail marker(4x4 post). Now you need your compass 24 degree reading from the top of the post. X marks the spot. Its about 70 paces or a short 9 iron. The pace was set by using the permit sign to the trail marker,17 paces,averaged out by 4 people, adults and childern. Hopefully you enjoy the views, the hike, and our letterbox!
The Desolation Wonders
Fred,Russ,Nate,Hillary,& Ashley

Checked it on: Aug 4,2007 alive and well
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