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BSA Centennial LbNA #53656

Owner:Clarinet 226 Contact
Plant date:May 23, 2010
County:Los Angeles
Found by: MrOspital
Last found: Jun 27, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 22, 2016
Has a few attempts, but I hope it's still there!


Your journey begins at Whittier Narrows Reigional Park in South El Monte. This huge park is where the Boy Scouts of Los Angeles Area Council (LAAC) had a special weekend campout to honor 100 years of scouting. To find it make your way to the park, which features a military museum, a lake, a shotgun, rifle, BB gun and archery range. This walk is all flat ground and the walk is about a mile and a half. Bring gloves.

Park at Parking Lot #5 at the end of Chico Ave. From Parking Lot #5, locate and walk to the playground. Then locate bathroom 16. Take the path in front of the men's room door. Turn right at the fork. Stay on the main path, and do not take any side paths on the right. Stay to the left as the path curves. Continue following the path through the park, until you reach the triangle. At this triangle, where TIM AND TIFF may be watching, go to the right. Pass bathroom 15 on the right, and tented picnic area on the left. At the next fork, take the path to the left. At the parking lot, turn left, go through the parking lot, and head toward bathroom 14. Go to the side closest to the tennis courts. Look to the corner of the brick wall, and the chain link fence. The box is in the corner, under dead leaves and bark. There is a little prize inside for the first finder(s).

When you are done please make sure you re-hide the box EXACTLY where you found it, and cover it with leaves and bark. Make sure you are not seen by anyone. Thank you.