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Alma Mater LbNA #53591

Owner:TheJoyfulWanderer Contact
Plant date:May 23, 2010
County:Contra Costa
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Jun 2, 2010
Last edited:May 23, 2010
Note: This Letterbox is located at Carondelet High School in Concord, CA. It is gated, and only open before, during, and after school hours. It is open in the summer, but only for a few hours during the day. for more information, visit the Carondelet website at

Start at the center of the amphitheater between the main academic building and the gym. Go to the random brick box in front of the big lawn (this is where they used to have the statue of the Virgin Mary, but they took it down since the students kept painting her toenails). Walk towards a place where students gather to purchase and eat food, but stop before entering. Walk towards the parking lot until you reach the post that tells you the name of this small lane. Walk to the flagpole. Walk to N118 (this was my parking spot my senior year), and face Treat Blvd. Near the base of the tree in front of the parking spot, under the ground cover, your prize awaits. GO COUGARS! :)