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Happy Birthday Series LbNA #53590

Plant date:May 20, 2010
Planted by:5aud1's
Found by: Lost Sailor
Last found:Jun 23, 2013
Last edited:May 20, 2010
This is my first letterbox, so I hope you enjoy it! We created it for my daughters 10th birthday party. Start at Susanville Ranch Park, from the parking lot take the trail on the right next to covered bench go through standing soldiers and cross the bridge. Watch out for horse droppings! Where the trail forks find the lone bush in the middle. Search the back side of the bush for box #1

Continue on the path to the right, pass 6 standing soldier (number 7 is hiding behind some bushes). Follow the path keeping the fallen soldiers on your left. Just past the curve to the right look for fallen soldiers in the shape of an arrow on your left. Look under the log to find box #2.

Continue down the path for a ways keeping fallen soldiers on your left. When you come to a fork you’ll see a sign for Dry Meadow Trail. Go to the right and cross the bridge to stay dry. (There’s a log bench on the left if you need to rest). Locate trail sign and follow Bagwell trail South to your right. Find the standing soldier amongst the fallen soldiers and face the pine tree. Look for rocks & bushes on your left closest to the trail, hiding under the rocks and pine cones is box #3.

Continue on trail (it forks but they meet up just up the way) follow up a slight incline and stay to your right. Pass a picnic table between two gigantic pine trees. On your left you’ll see a yellow sign on the fence. Facing the sign look at the tree to left. Under sage brush and lava rock on the North side of the tree is box #4.

Follow the path to the baseball fields and you’ll see the parking lot where you started.