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Ring Mountian LbNA #53479

Plant date:May 12, 2010
Planted by:roeflower Contact
Found by: Jillybean
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 12, 2010
This is a pretty strenuous hike. Really great cardio. Best in the spring when all the wild flowers are in bloom

Take 101 and get off at the Tiburon Blvd exit. 131(e). Turn left on Blackfield Dr.
Turn Left on Via Los Altos take this to the top. When it looks like you are going to run into a Dirt embankment veer left. Park next to the concrete embankment on the street.

Find the stairs and go up continuing on the path. Notice all the lovely wind flowers. Take the trail that heads right, and stay to the right. At a brisk pace for 10 minutes you will reach a gate. Go through the gate, then up up up and more up. Take a breather to enjoy the magnificent view. This stretch takes another 10-15 minutes depending on your pace. When you reach the top you can see the Bay Bridge and the Richmond. On very clear days you can see the top spires of the Golden Gate. As you continue to walk you will see a path on your right. Follow the path to a mound of rocks fashioned into a bench, have a seat. This bench was for John Thomas Howell’s 80th birthday. Let your heart rate come down and enjoy the view. When you feel recovered look straight ahead to another rock formation. 2 boulders next to each other, in the crevice of the bigger rock is the box.

Please use the stones to recover and make sure that the box is not visible from any angle.
Continue to explore Ring Mountain, or return the way you came.