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Catalina LbNA #53285

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Apr 28, 2010
Location: Wrigley Memorial And Botanical Gardens
County:Los Angeles
Found by: KatPau
Last found:May 15, 2010
Last edited:Apr 28, 2010
Alive and well as of 7/18/10, but I've gotten two reports since of it being missing. I won't be able to confirm it myself anytime soon, but don't get your hopes up. Still, the gardens are well worth the visit, so even if the box is gone, you won't have wasted a trip.

The Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens are located at the end of Avalon Canyon Road, inland from Avalon on Catalina Island. You can walk, rent a bike or golf cart, or on most days take the trolley for only $2 one way. There is a basic $5 entrance fee and they also have guided tours.

From the top of the memorial, take the rear exit through the bronze doors and descend the stairs to the bottom. Continue forward to a ring of stones around a tree, with a small trail to the left going uphill into the trees. Take 30 steps from the stairs to the beginning of the trail, and another 50 steps up the trail to a two-trunked tree with several smaller trunks on the right. The box is in the center of the trunks, under rocks and leaves.

When you're finished, make sure the stamp and log are sealed tightly in the bag and the rocks and leaves completely conceal the box.

Leftovers (5 of 6): Add the higher number to the number you wrote down. Walk or bike to that lamppost.