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Gabriola Beach LbNA #53141

Owner:cmonster Contact
Plant date:Apr 17, 2010
City:Nanaimo BC
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Apr 17, 2010
This letterbox is on beautiful Gabriola Island, a sleepy community off Vancouver Island opposite the harbour city of Nanaimo, BC. Take the dog with you if you like, as this beach is one of the only ones that's OK for dogs to be off-leash. Go at low tide or you may not have a beach to play on, especially if it's stormy.

Take the Gabriola ferry from Front Street in downtown Nanaimo. You can go as a passenger on foot, or in a car. Once you get off the ferry on Gabriola, take the North Road until it forks into North and South; turn left to stay on the North Road. Take another left at Barrett Road, and stay on that until you get to Whalebone Drive. Turn right onto Whalebone and follow it to the end, where it dead ends into a little area where you can park. It is right near the sign that says "Joyce Lockwood Community Park."

Follow the path behind the sign until you come to the wooden staircase down to the beach. Before stepping onto the staircase, go onto the left side of it (there's a little path, probably muddy). You will see that the staircase is held up by cylindrical supports. Find one of these -- the second one you come to I think -- and reach up under the staircase to where there is a support beam. Be discreet as we don't want anyone throwing the letterbox away! It is held there by some rocks and a board. Please replace these to help the letterbox stay there in inclement weather.

Then go down and enjoy the beach! Happy letterboxing!