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Happy Little Mushroom LbNA #52416

Owner:weekend bender
Plant date:Mar 6, 2010
County:New Haven
Found by: SherlockMiles
Last found:Jan 22, 2023
Last edited:Apr 14, 2019
Locate Chesire Street Cemetery on South End Road in Chesire. This is a very small cemetery with room for only one or two cars to park offroad. Pull into the gravel driveway. Make your way to the front and southern side of the cemetery and locate the Benham monument now head straight back and locate the Pelz stone, turn right and pass the Stratton and Dodge stones. Alittle over you will notice the McRae family plot. There is a five sister evergreen in the back corner of this plot. In the center of this tree a "Happy Little Mushroom" waits. Stamp in, Rehide well. Thanks! Weekend Bender

Hike length: 0.1 miles