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The First Cosmonaut LbNA #52283

Owner:Granite Pioneer Contact
Plant date:Feb 23, 2010
City:West Hollywood
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found:Dec 3, 2014
Last edited:Feb 23, 2010
Before Yuri Gagarin launched into space, someone else was the first living being to orbit Earth. And she's hiding in West Hollywood.

Blast off to the off-leash dog park named for the star of "The Bargain." Look for the main double gate that owners and their dogs use to enter the fenced in play area. Facing the gate, look to your left. "The First Cosmonaut" is hiding directly behind the park's namesake, under the foliage.

Careful when finding this cosmonaut. There are always people and pups around, so be discreet. I recommend searching at an off hour. The park is most busy when people take their dogs before and after work. Please re-hide well.