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First aid neededTake Me to the Moon LbNA #52158

Owner:Knotty Lady Contact Supporter
Plant date:Feb 6, 2010
Location: US Space &;; Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL
Found by: k&z
Last found: May 30, 2021
Hike distance:1-2 mi
Last edited:Aug 9, 2019
While visiting Alabama's Number One Tourist Attraction,
You will learn of our nation's space program and see many of the displays set aside for our enjoyment. After visiting the Gift shop you can leave the building on the Space Camp side (east side), the old main entrance by the Black Bird (plane) and travel along the walkway of our solar system. Starting at the Sun as you travel along this path you will find other points of interest as well. Stop and see Miss Baker the first to go into space and return to earth. At the end of our solar system you will find yourself in front of Habitat 1. From this Habitat of the Space Cadets you will continue east past the more traditional Habitat for earth bound travelers.

As you keep going east you will pass through a staging area for other sorts of transportation owned by the guests of this temporary habitat. You will still be going east into an open field with a white structure close to some more little habitats on wheels (the office here has restrooms if needed). Go to this white structure (in the photo), it is the Launch Pad and your starting point for your next step in the journey to the moon. There are three launch controls in the center of this area. Starting from the center unit, take a reading of zero degrees (north) and launch yourself in that direction walking approximately 105 adult steps (count each foot fall as one) to the first side of the road you come to in that direction. Now after looking for traffic cross the road and start your count again in the same direction from that side of the road. This time you will travel approximately 77 more steps to a tree with a crater in its base where the moon will be waiting for you to find it.

Note: There is no parking allowed in the area around the launch pad or the wooded area where the moon is hidden. So please be ready to walk the distance it takes to get to this box.
***UPDATE*** Went by here today and found the tree, where the box is hidden, has been blown down. The box is fine and still in the hole in the now broken trunk. I do not know if they will cut up the tree in the future or not, but we will keep you posted or you can add it in your notes. OK the tree is gone now, but the stump and box are still there. Many suckers have begun growing up around the stump kind of obscuring the view of the stump. Good luck with the hunt at this location still.