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The Bunny Box LbNA #52052 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jan 22, 2010
Location: Long Beach City College
City:Long Beach
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Charlie O
Last found:Jan 29, 2012
Last edited:Jan 22, 2010
Retired as of 4/20/12. So sad to lose all those bunny stamps.

This letterbox is at the Liberal Arts Campus of Long Beach City College. Parking will be an issue. If you find an open space, buy a day pass for only a dollar. If not park far away and walk, or take your chances at a ticket on the adjacent streets.

Start your journey in the quad area at the center of the campus, where you'll immediately understand why this is called The Bunny Box. The rabbits here outnumber the students.

Look for three white benches named for Newman, Kassai and, well, nobody cares. Go around the wall to the sidewalk behind them and start walking towards the way named for Jimmy Stewart's favorite rabbit.

Take two steps up and continue through the passage lined with brick columns. When you reach the end, continue directly across the parking lot towards two trees. The left tree has a green transformer box beside it and the right tree has a different box under the leaves at the base.

When you are finished, make sure the logbook is in a bag, and all the stamps are in the other bags. Then place all of it and the pens into the large bag, making sure all are sealed tightly.

Since bunnies breed like crazy, I was thinking that we could make this a multiple stamp box. If you'd like, carve a small bunny stamp and add it to the box. Be sure to stamp it into the log with a note that you added it.

Fawnzie added a stamp on 2/7/10
Dafamily added "Steve Martin Bunny" on 2/11/10
Zuhl Is Cool added a stamp on 2/11/10
(Box went missing!)

Replanted on 5/30/10 with bonus stamp
The Happy Campers added "Happy Bunny" on 7/11/10
Flower Childe of Holleys Follies added "Stealth Bunny" on 7/11/10
Clarinet 226 added "Snowman Bunny" on 7/26/10
Boo2 added "The Easter Bunny" on 4/22/11
Lee & Nancy added "Plump Bunny" and "Skinny Bunny" on 8/1/11
(Box went missing AGAIN!!)

If you wish, you can record them here.