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Flying Monkey LbNA #52019

Owner:Knotty Lady Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jan 17, 2010
Location: Lowe Mill, Huntsville, AL
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found: Aug 8, 2014
Hike distance:1-2 mi
Last edited:Aug 9, 2019
In Huntsville Alabama there is an Arts and Entertainment Center located in the Lowe Mill called "Flying Monkey Arts"

Flying Monkey Arts Center is a not for profit community arts collective that encourages, supports and promotes events, workshops and studios featuring but not limited to music, film, theater, dance, puppetry, visual and performance arts.
With reasonable admission prices, FMAC cultivates new audiences with participation, dialogue and action. Linking community through the medium of live art.
Check out: or to learn more about this location.

Once you have found yourself at the Lowe Mill, go to the parking lot that has the water tower in it and find a good place to park. Once you are in this parking lot go to the Southwest corner to find the multi purpose area that once was the loading dock for the Mill. Find your way to the ramp that brings you from ground level to the top of the dock. From the ground level you should be inclined to reach into the space behind the metal girders that run along the top of the dock. As you reach into the space where the box is located, be careful not to push the box too far back, remember little hands need to be able to reach it too.
Take the time to explore the Mill and the Flying Monkey Arts Center. You may find many fun things to do and see here.