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Search for the Past Box LbNA #51981

Plant date:Jan 10, 2010
County:San Francisco
Planted by:Agent F-Word Contact
Found by: fleetwood7
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 10, 2010
With all the alarmist reports of the death of reading and the demise of public services, where better to hide a letterbox than behind the least-read book in the San Francisco public library system?

Alas, the SFPL does not keep records of the least-circulated book in the system, so I had to guess. I figured on something old - prehistoric - fossilized, even! And something requiring digging - something buried in the lowest stratum of the shelving.

Search the lower spines til you find a particularly ancient tome - a dark blue-green, trilobite-decorated, a white call number ending in 2 - draw it out carefully (paleontologists are always careful) and find the buried artifact behind!

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