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Forgotten Fairytale Box LbNA #51695

Plant date:Nov 26, 2009
County:San Francisco
Planted by:Demetrius Contact
Found by: deniserows
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 26, 2009
-Note- Box placed by Demetrius AND Agent F-Word. Crossposted at

Once upon a time, the most notorious character of the Barbary Coast era kept saloons and boarding houses all over the city. Now there's just one pub bearing his name, and they won't even drug your drink and ship you overseas! (Doesn't anybody have a sense of drama these days? Sigh.) Start there anyway, and have a restorative draught.

Your next stop is nearby, but faraway - look for a pair of etched brass doors leading into a world of past glories. The wall promises desert delights, but the place is, alas, deserted - but on the doors the topless dancing girls shimmy on, the camel riders pace eternally and the hookah smoke still curls to the heavens (or the lintel, anyway). Pause a moment and think of dissipated dreams, then pace on toward the sunset.

Your treasure hides in a place presided over by a very different sort of character - her name is famous, not notorious; her reputation unspotted; her top resolutely on
(though she probably did ride a camel at some point). Find a corner hidden away from eyes at windows, guarded by white pillars - stand on the sidewalk and reach your hand through the balustrade to find that which you seek.