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Flower/Puzzle Peace LbNA #51393

Owner:roeflower Contact
Plant date:Nov 14, 2009
City:San Anselmo
Found by: Wascally Wabbit
Last found: Dec 27, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 14, 2009
Park at the entrance of the Robson Harrington Park.

1.Follow the Harringbone path past the water fountain
2.Make a right away from the house, follow along the red brick wall
3.At the shed door make a left and hold on the rail 12 steps down
4.Turn right and follow the path
5.9 more steps down and straight ahead
6.Wrote makes the spot.
7.Below you see a pile of bricks underneath is the peace you seek.

Come back to the entrance
Don't let the flower smell and vegetation distract you.
Find the Blue Urn with the flowers on it and turn left.
Continue past the yellow blue black green sun tile at your feet.
Don't sit on the bench continue on past the blue goddess and babies.
Before the end of the path turn right.
At the fork in the path under the brick a flower will be found.