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Thank A Vet LbNA #51357

Owner:Box Runner Contact
Plant date:Nov 10, 2009
Found by: bnbandy
Last found:Oct 21, 2017
Last edited:Oct 28, 2015
This letterbox is in honor of all veterans from all wars.
Here are your orders. North of the city of Rogers on Hwy 62 is the Rogers Municipal Airport and north of there is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park. You will see the mounted fighter jet and "chopper". Come into the park and take time to admire the aircraft from the Vietnam era and to read the plagues. Now, go and stand in front of the chopper and you will see a sign "Please stay on sidewalk" directly in front. Make a 180 degree turn and you will see several bushes on your immediate right. Beneath one of the bushes is what you seek. Be aware of the traffic and activity around the airport--please draw as little attention to your mission as possible and as per usual return the box to its hiding place. Also, please be reverent and respectful of where you are--this park was established and financed by local vets and their supporters. Okay, now that you have received your orders, carry on. And remember to thank a vet.