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Owner:CATCH 8 OF 9 Contact
Plant date:Apr 23, 2009
Found by: SnakeDoctor
Last found: Feb 23, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 23, 2009

This Letterbox is planted on open land West of the western boundary line of the Bridge Canyon Wilderness Area Northwest of Laughin, NV which is coincident with the boundary of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. You will access the Letterbox by following Christmas Tree Pass Road either North off of Highway163 or driving East from Highway 95.

Christmas Tree Pass Road is a graded dirt road that runs east from Highway 95 to Christmas Tree Pass, then runs south to Highway 163. To the east of Christmas Tree Pass, the road is steep and narrow for several miles, possibly requiring a 4-WD vehicle when the road is wet.
The turnoff for Christmas Tree Pass Road from Highway 95, is 2.3 south from Cal-Nev-Ari and 5.0 miles north of Highway 163. There is a small road sign for the turnoff; there is also a fairly large, covered information sign on the east side of the highway that you can see from a long ways off. Turn east on Christmas Tree Pass Road. The turnoff and parking is 8.5 miles.
From Highway 163, turn north onto Christmas Tree Pass Road. The turnoff is about 12.9 miles east of Highway 95 and about 6.25 miles west of Colorado River bridge in Laughlin. There is a small road sign for the turnoff. The trailhead and parking is 7.5 miles on the dirt road.
N35 15 06.9 W114 43 47.6 (Trailhead)

The "RATLESNAKE TANKS LETTERBOX is located in the Newberry Mountains. a distance of 0.3 miles from the trailhed. The first 0.2 miles follows a Jeep Road then follows the wash for 0.1 miles to the "RATTLESNAKE TANKS LETTERBOX". (As a side note this box I have moved from the original location named "Rattlesnake Springs Letterbox" to make it more assessable to all and is now quite easy to find).


From the Trailhead (Jeep road) at the south end of the small pullout parking the main dirt road is 290 deg. (Azimuth) Magnetic TYP. A nearby Craggy Peak bears 95 deg. Follow Jeep Road 140 deg. for 0.2 miles where it ends. Then Follow the wash 130 deg. for 247 Steps where the wash is flat Bedrock with small rock pools (TANKS). Now 50 feet up the East side of the wash at 90 deg. is a large "Black Varnished Rock. The letterbox is hidden behind this "Blackish" Rock.