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Who Spots a Horton? LbNA #51250

Plant date:Oct 18, 2009
Planted by:TreeHuggin' Squirrel Contact
Found by: Sun Searcher
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 18, 2009
Enter the LH Reservoir on Antioch Rd.
As you enter through gates, note the North Loop walking trail entrance on your left at the first speed bump.
Park in the East Lot immediately next to the trail entrance. (Supposed to pay small parking fee for out of county tags into a little parking box).
Get on the trail. As you are walking....notice the twisted trunks on your left? proceed....
See the 4/10 mile marker? keep going about 70-ish steps....see the tree whose bottom we shouldn't see?...walk on....
About 20-ish steps past the hollow stump on the right of the walking path, you will see a drainage pipe under the asphalt on your left. From this point, 11 steps into the woods takes you to a moss-covered, vine-wrapped tree. In the hollow on the backside of the tree, you will find a rock that doesn't belong. Who spots a Horton?

Not responsible for any tickets obtained by not paying into the parking box. :)