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Friend to Friend LbNA #51194

Plant date:Oct 31, 2009
Planted by:Okie Travelers Contact
Found by: Dawgdok
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 31, 2009
We've had this box ready for a while and was looking for a special place to plant it. We think we did just that. This is for those who don't want to pay a fee to enter the park.

Clue: Take I-15 North towards Utah. Take Exit 75. You will drive past the Moapa Paiute Indian Reservation Store... They sell fireworks year round BUT they are against the law anywhere but on the reservation. It's a good place to stock up on snacks and drinks and gasoline. Continue down the road towards the park. You will go some distance. You will come to a large sign on the right that says "VALLEY OF FIRE STATE PARK". Stop here and pull over. From this side of the road go to the end of the sign (the PARK end). Take a reading of 175 degrees on your compass. You should see a medium mesquite tree on the side of a hill. Climb up to this tree. You will need to be sure-footed and this certainly is not a place for flip-flops. What you're looking for is at the base of this tree, under a pile of rocks. Carefully rehide the box and watch for "muggles" driving by... especially rangers.

If you have the time and $$$....going into the park is well worth it. In the summer, it will be extremely warm so take lots of water, wear a hat and watch for things that bite, sting or rattle. Enjoy!!!!

UPDATE: 2-27-10...Today we did "box maintenance" and this box is well and good. Please record your finds!