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Boulevard of Dreams LbNA #50914

Plant date:Sep 28, 2009
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:dreamer
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Sep 28, 2009

Boulevard of Dreams

Not far from the glamour and glitz of Hollywood Boulevard is a secret, peaceful place.  Ironically, this secret place can be seen from very far away and it can be seen by many people.  Fear not, however, you CAN escape the crowds.  After a moderate hike, you will be graced by a spectacular view of a famous landmark.

Find the HOLLYRIDGE TRAIL in Hollywood – one way is to drive on Franklin Ave going east (accessible from the 101) and take a left onto North Beachwood Drive.  Follow this road up the hill until you cannot drive any further.  This road is narrow and is full of curves – please respect the residents in the area and drive slow.  There are also several stop signs which can be easily missed – keep an eye out.  Once you reach the end of this road, park your car to the right (there is a dirt area where most people park).

Start your hike at the Hollyridge Trail sign.  After about two hundred feet or so, take a left at the “caution” sign. Follow this packed dirt trail, taking in the vistas of Los Angeles along the way.  After a while, the trail naturally curves the right, but there is also a sharp switchback to the left.  Take this left (just head toward that famous landmark).  Follow this path until the dirt turns to pavement at a T intersection.  Take a left onto the paved road and follow pavement around and up until you come upon two gates.  These gates are usually locked – please observe the posted signs and respect the rules.
This is a nice photo opp, so bring your camera. 

After enjoying the view of the famous landmark, return back the way you came and STOP at the water tank.  If you pass pole number 739405H, you have gone too far.  Stand at the break in the white “guard rail” facing the tank.  Look to the right of a tree for a bush stump.  The box is hidden near this stump.

Can you decipher the code of bold letters? These are the stars in the "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" print.

Please respect this small untouched portion of Hollywood.  After you find the box, please leave your stamp, date and letterboxing name and then replace the box in a hidden manner.
Please contact me if you feel the letterbox is missing or damaged.
First five finders can take a small token (please be courteous and only take one).
This hike can be strenuous – it includes uphill, dirt, switchbacks and cliffs.
Bring water – the hike can be hot and dry.
Please share the trail – horses and humans alike hike here.
Bring a camera – nice photo opps.
Trail Difficulty: Moderate – packed dirt and paved road, but steep inclines.
Time from Parking to Letterbox:  ~ 1 hour
Warnings:  Posted signs regarding mountain lions and rattlesnakes (I did not see either).