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Free Living Wildlife LbNA #50913

Plant date:Sep 24, 2009
Planted by:dreamer
Found by: ???
Last found:Nov 16, 2009
Last edited:Sep 24, 2009

Free Living Wildlife

The best architect in the world” is what he called himself. His architecture was timeless and was always appropriate for its time.

Nature inspired and surrounded many of his works.  Geometric shapes also played an important role in his designs.

Location (decipher this code):

Follow this famous architect’s boulevard to where his footprint was left on the earth; where he has passed along design theories that continue to guide students in coexisting with their surroundings. Truly a mark left for future generations that will stand the test of time.

After deciphering the location code above, park in the lot and follow the walkway to the left of the restrooms over the “rock river” bridge to the tennis court. Walk between the tennis court and the volleyball court. If you pass a tree that is “waking up and stretching,” you have gone too far. Stop at the end of the tennis court and find the “twin palm trees” by looking up and to the left. From the twin palm trees, look down and right to the tree that somewhat hides the “high tension lines” that this architect would have frowned upon. The box is in this tree.

There was a small owl in this tree when the box was planted. This was an adorable creature – a "nocturnal sentinel" for the letterbox.

Please respect the wildlife and this safe haven. After you find the box, please leave your stamp, date and letterboxing name and then replace the box in a hidden manner.

Please contact me if you feel the letterbox is missing or damaged.

First five finders can take a small token (please be courteous and only take one).


Trail Difficulty: Easy
Time from Parking to Letterbox: < 10 minutes