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The Crash of 1962 LbNA #50629

Plant date:Sep 19, 2009
Planted by:Captain Slick Kitty Contact Inactive
Found by: JoySong
Last found:Nov 28, 2021
Last edited:Sep 19, 2009
According to some . . . as it remains "unofficial" . . . on April 18, 1962 a UFO crashed in the desert in Nevada . . . Unfortunately for him, he apparently crashed right in the hands of the US Government! Or better known as Nellis Air Force Base. Man he could not have picked a worse place for himself and for us!!!!

Naturally the Government covered this "crash" and sent the evidence of this incident far and wide . . . except for one. A big one! If you want to find it, make your way to Vivaldi Park, off Seven Hills. When you pull in, park on the left. Make your way as if you were walking out of the park the same way you came and note the "Y". Take the path that leads you south, and with a great view of the airport. Walk this path until you come a "secluded" park. As you walk around this park, you will note a 6 foot cinder block fence, in the southernly direction. Note the two Rosemary bushes in front of it. The second one, on the side closest the fences hides what you seek.

To read more about this "crash" . . . . . . hhhuuuummmmmm this kitty smells a conspiracy!

Please remember to leave better than found. This is an out of state box. Should anything be amiss please assist as best you can. And also, please, I am absolutely positive that I was starting to suffer from heat stroke after I got planted this one, so, please, please, please don't try for these boxes in triple digits and drink a lot of water!!!!