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Chain of Love LbNA #50481

Owner:Okie Travelers Contact
Plant date:Sep 20, 2009
County:San Bernardino
Found by: CW Sun Seeker
Last found: Jul 15, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 20, 2009
This will be an easy find IF the directions are followed carefully. There's three possibilites. First option... if you are going SOUTH on the I-15 towards Baker, California, take the Nipton Road (Highway 164) East towards Searchlight. From the train tracks as you arrive in Nipton, go 1.1 miles to the sign east of town. The sign on your left says "Historic Town, Antiques, Country Store and BB" This sign is facing EAST. Stop at the sign, go to the base of this sign and your treasure will be hidden next to the NORTH post under several rocks.

The Second option is the same directions if you're going NORTH on the I-15 towards Stateline (Primm). You will take the same exit and follow the same directions.

The last option is if you're coming from Searchlight,NV, heading WEST on Nipton Road (Highway 164)... as you approach the town of Nipton, you will see this sign on your right. Do the same as the earlier directions. If you drive through the town on this option, you've gone too far.

Good Luck and please carefully replant the treasure so that it can't be easily seen from the road and it will also be protected from road maintenance crews.

You might also look for the clues for "Mojave Quail" too, is on this road.