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Peace Box LbNA #50370

Owner:gs peace girl Contact
Plant date:Sep 13, 2009
Found by: Scout MOM
Last found: May 24, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 13, 2009
North Mount Carmel Park ~ home to playground and picnic areas, walking trail, soccer fields, Bark Park, and Henry County’s first Adopt-A-Park Program.

307 North Mount Carmel Road, Hampton, GA (2.5 mi west of I75 / Exit 221)

Enter the park and find Pavilion 1. There you will find the entrance to the Trail of Honor. Paying respect to the Duty-Honor-Country Memorial to your right enjoy your walk via the paved path until you see two holly trees on either side of the path leading to the hexagon shaped garden. Stop. Take a right continuing on the paved path. Ahead of you is a pole which beyond would lead you straight out toward the playground. You will notice a graveled, non-paved trail to your left before the pole. Follow this trail about 100 steps, over a few small fallen trees, until you see a large stump and 3 yucca plants on your left. At this point there will be a fork in the path. The right fork looks promising and will lead you on a beautiful trail with some majestic trees but do not be fooled as this is the wrong path – as you would see by the signs of graffiti ruining nature’s way. Take the left fork, a little less travelled, about 50 more steps until you see 3 stumps on your right and a flat faced pine tree on your left. Stop here and turn around. Take a look back from where you came and you will see the letter H formed by 2 pines on either side of the path and a smaller tree leaning across from the right to the left side of the trail. Look at the base of this smaller tree for the hidden letter box.

On your way, please help us keep the park clean and pick up litter of those who have not learned to respect nature.

Thank you, Peace Girl.