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Silver Screen #1 LbNA #50208

Owner:Granite Pioneer Contact
Plant date:Sep 6, 2009
City:Los Angeles
County:Los Angeles
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Feb 3, 2011
Last edited:Sep 6, 2009
This is the first letterbox in a series planted near some of my favorite silver screens in LA. Go to the theatre that opened in 1963 with the film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” Find the elevators on the roof of the parking structure. On the East side of the elevators, face the maintenance stairs. If you look through the stairs, you’ll see the roof of the theatre. You’ll find the box attached by magnet under the front, left corner or the maintenance stair platform. Reach through the gate and up just above your head. Enjoy the view and a flick while you're there.