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Stagecoach at Beale's Cut LbNA #50202

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Aug 18, 2009
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:PenGwen Contact Supporter
Found by: Quinne&Pepe
Last found: Nov 8, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 25, 2019
PenGwen asked me to adopt all of her LA and OC boxes.
Alive and well as of 11/8/15


It is our suggestion that solo boxers not attempt this box. There are no amenities at this location but a turn out on Sierra Highway. An oil company owns the property but the public has access, as it is a California Historical site #1006.

OK buckaroos here is a historical California spot that Huell Howser might have missed: One of the cool things about letterboxing are those boxes hidden at the lesser-known historical sites. Beale’s Cut certainly fits this description.
The San Fernando Pass or Fremont’s Pass was first discovered in 1769 and used through out the early days in California.

Although it was widely used, wagons had a difficult time making the climb across the steep grade. In 1854 General Phineas Banning made the 30 foot cut through the pass. In 1863 General Edward Beale deepened Banning’s cut to 90 feet and established a toll road.

In 1909 the first automobile traveled through the pass, but the following year saw the completion of the Ridge Route and the Newhall Tunnel, that eliminated the necessity of traveling over the 29% grade across Beale’s Cut.

Not letting a great site go to waste several movies used Beale’s Cut in various scenes. The most famous of these was John Ford’s Oscar-winning “Stagecoach”. In one scene the stagecoach is chased by the Apaches through Monument Valley and exits the valley using Beale’s Cut. Now that is movie magic.

Video -- Clip -- Website

While the history of Beale’s Cut is quite long the title for this letterbox was chosen due to my boyhood hero worship of the actor that launched his career in “Stagecoach”. He played "Ringo".


From Highway 14, north of the interchange of Highway 5 and 14, take Newhall exit and go west on Newhall Ave to the first traffic light that will be Sierra Highway. Turn left (south) and drive for 1.6 miles to a turn out on the north side of the road. There will be foundations for 3 plaque bases behind a chain link fence. Behind the plaque bases head up the narrow canyon on your left less than a ¼ mile. You will go over a wooden bridge and scramble over large pipe sections.

When you arrive at the oak tree on the right side and next to the path you will be about 40 yards from Beal’s Cut. Be sure to check out the “cut”.
To the box: From that oak tree (the only one next to the path) turn back south along the path 53 steps to a small tree/bush on the left (east) side of the path and a sand stone outcrop on your right. Take one step off the path to the right (west) and look under a single reddish rock to find the Stagecoach.

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