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Houston Trail Letterboxes LbNA #5014

Owner:Secret Gardeners Contact
Plant date:Dec 31, 1999
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: CSB bc
Last found:Sep 11, 2004
Last edited:Dec 31, 1999
The Homestead Letterbox

Degree of Difficulty: Medium

From the entrance to Edgewater Bar Site of the Derby Reach Park (GVRD - see above) proceed east along Allard Crescent until you reach the site of the original Fort at Fort Langley (marked as the Heritage Site on the map)

For those of you who would like it to be a little easier, we have attached the website map of the

This time, from the parking lot, follow the signs along the gravel walkway and dirt road to the beginning of the Houston Trail. At the fork stay right. Don't forget your gloves and mosquito repellant especially in the Fall.

Past the pond/marsh and continue on through the forest. Follow the trail as it loops around and heads South East past the large fallen tree and up a little rise,. Stand between the two stumps (hint - one of the stumps has new trees growing out of it). Count 16 paces to find a side path that runs backwards up the hill. To the peak and the tabletop fern forest on your right, continue on. Keep your eyes peeled for the hairy one-armed bandit who
stands in the way. 61 degrees magnetic from the armpit, spot a cluster of four towers standing tall. (A 30-metre glance). The basement is my home. Tread softly!!

The Coyote Letterbox

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Back on the trail again and head roughly Northwest. Come to an intersection of paths and head up as soon as you can. Up, up, up under the crossed trees you will pass. Follow the trail and watch for the fallen, uprooted giant that blocks your path. Note where a new path has been created over the giant. From the "worn spot" at 210 degress magnetic you will see the perfect spot for the coyote's den. Hide it well!!!

The Gold Rush Letterbox

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

From the den continue forward at 100 degrees magnetic past the roots and back to the trail, continue on, keeping to the right at all time, follow the ridge, they gully is on your left.

You will leave the gully ridge as you go right and enter into a thick brush. Continue on, when you get that sinking feeling you stop and you will have in your sight what you seek at 250 degrees magnetic. Check all around!!

The Beaver Letterbox (Bonus box)

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

The only way out is to continue to follow the trail. Head 170 degrees magnetic, and follow the trail to a fork in the road. Go either way, as long as you head down. Once back on the main trail, go either left or right. You have come to the end of the Houston Series. Right will take you back to the parking lot. Left will too, only longer. There is a bonus letterbox if you go left. Enjoy
the sights, sounds and smells of the lush temperate rain forest that you are in.

The trail will lead you to the other parking lot on the opposite of the park to the main lot. Move through the lot and rejoin the trail yet again on the left.

The trail will be lots of ups and downs. At one part you will come to a major intersection of trails. You will go right to seek the bonus box. Continue along and gaze upon the Beaver dam. Look for a twin and a third. Ponder the view. Sometimes you will see people and turtles alike observing the surroundings.

From the twins and a third, look for the giant nearby and look behind his back to find what you seek.

Alternative Clue. (For those not into walking too far).

From the Houston Trail parking lot, go right along the road, watching for a yellow gate. From the gate you will see the beaver dam. 34 paces towards the giant and then look behind his back to find what you seek. Don't forget to admire the view.

Good luck, and keep in mind you have to be observant. We look forward to hearing how you like these.

Chris and Jane, the Secret Gardeners
PJ, the Lone Canada Goose
And Wesley the "Diver"