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First aid neededSymbols of America LbNA #49996

Owner:Pine Tree Contact
Plant date:Aug 1, 2009
Found by: (hidden)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 1, 2009
Symbols of America
This series was planted in the Nathan Hale Forest in Coventry CT.
It was planted by Flutterby and Pine Tree as part of the America Boxes gathering activities.

AS OF 11/12/11 bOX 1 AND BOX 2 ARE MISSING .......

Box 1
After parking in the Strong-Porter House parking area (to the left of the house on the grass—we have permission) follow the driveway back out to the road. Turn left. Just a short way along, on the right hand side of the road you will see 2 metal signs and a wooden gate. (This is the exit road for the parking for the Sunday Coventry Farmers Market) Turn right and walk down this dirt path. You will come to a “Y”. Go straight (190 degrees). Soon you will see a stone wall on your left. From the corner of 2 walls, walk 8 paces to a large evergreen on the left side of the trail. Go to this evergreen and look in the “toes” on the right side, behind a small rock for “ Joshua Tree National Park “ carved by CT HIKER.

Box 2
Continue on the well-established trail. You will cross over a culvert. Your next landmark will be a small opening on the right hand side of the trail. Stop here. To the left side of the opening are 2 large rocks. Investigate the first rock for “Play Ball” carved by Troublehook.

Continue on the trail. It gets very narrow here. You will go through an evergreen section. Continue straight to a stone wall. Go to a 4-way intersection and walk straight across and continue downhill. Follow to a stone wall and stop before going through it. There will be a standing dead tree on the left. Go behind the left side of the tree and in the base of the stone wall behind the trap door lies “American Made coonhound “ carved by Hez.

Box 4
Go through the stone wall, continue and follow the trail. Go through another stone wall. Just before making a right, 90degree turn. You will see 2 large rocks on the left and a stone wall in front of you. Stop at the first rock and turn left. Look behind the stump next to the large rock. Under a small rock awaits the “US Capital “ carved by Celtic Roots.

Box 5
After finding box 4 continue on the trail. Shortly you will come to a “Y”. Go left over the stone wall. You will come to a 4-way intersection, go left. You will come to a “T” go right. You will come to a triangle. Go right. The trail is wet here. Look for a large tree on the right-hand side of the trail. There is a tiny birch tree growing in the rock next to it. The box is under a very small ledge to the right of the tree. There you will find the “America’s Cup” carved by Jonah’s Whalers.

Box 6
Turn around and head back to the triangle. At the triangle go right this time. You will come to a “Y”. Go right. Pass an overgrown trail on your left. Stay right. Immediately you will see a split rock in the middle of the trail. Stop. Look left to 2 rocks in line with the tree. Look behind the second rock, at the base of the tree, for “Bison” carved by Queen B.

Box 7
Continue on the trail. Come to “Y There is an interesting cairn in the woods dead ahead beyond the stone wall. Go right here through the stone wall. You will come to a small evergreen area on your left. Yes here is another 4-way intersection. Stop and turn right. See what might have been an old foundation on the right. Take the small trail to the left of the foundation and continue behind the foundation. Soon you will come to some ledge steps with a large 2-sister stump next to them. Look left. The box is located here where the gray birch and rock ledge meet. This is the “White House “ carved by Tyler, Emily and Mom.

Box 8
Go back to the intersection near the foundation in the evergreen section. Go straight across. Please feel free to add to the cairn at the entrance to the trail. You will be paralleling a rock wall on your right. Stay on
the trail , pass a break in the stone wall . Go left at a small “Y”. You will come
to the cornfield at Hale Homestead . Depending on the time of the year, you might see the corn growing tin this field or the corn maze. Go left with a dirt trail. Just before another “Y” there will be two large rocks on either side of the trail. Look for a log pile on the left side of the trail just before these rocks. There is a large tree to the left end of this pile. Look in the “toes” of this tree for “Stars and Stripes “ carved by donutz716.

Box 9
Continue to the “Y: and go right. The Homestead will be off to the right. You will come to another “Y” (the cornfield will be on you right). Stay with the cornfield on your right. Keep going. The trail will bring you up against a stone wall on your left. . The stone wall ends here. From the end of the wall, walk back the way you came 2 steps
and look behind a leaning rock to find the “Great Seal” carved by the Quackers.

Box 10
Almost a complete loop. Continue straight.,with another rock wall on your left. The trail is overgrown here but stay with it. Stepping over fallen trees. You will come to a rock wall on the right. The trail bears left. You are behind the Nathan Hale Homestead barn. (Approximately) Find a good place to walk over the stone wall and you will see a trail on this side. Follow this same stone wall that you just jumped over to the road to where you began your journey.
Head back to Strong Porter House and please say “HI” to Bill the caretaker!!!!. He is always eager to give a free tour of the Strong Porter House. Look for the Strong Porter Homestead sign. (Near the barn foundation) After reading it head at 320 degrees to the rock wall. Stop before going through it, look right to a tree with metal circles CONNECTICUT STATE LAND. Planted 2 feet to the right behind this tree in the tumbled
Section of the rock wall, behind a rotted piece of wood is the final box to this series. White Oak carved by Butterfly.

A special Thank you to Painterly and 46R for testing out this route for us.