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Lopez Hill LbNA #49734

Owner:MalPal Contact
Plant date:Aug 14, 2009
County:San Juan
Found by: catandnat
Last found: Jul 30, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 14, 2009
Directions to the top of Lopez Hill from Drive South on Lopez Sound Road past intersection with School Road to Lopez Hill sign.
1. Park near barrier and find trail.
2. At first fork (mp 0.43) follow trail with “no horses” sign.
3. At mp 0.59 take right fork
4. At mp 0.88 take left fork
5. At mp 1.06 take right fork
6. At mp 1.47 go straight
7. At mp 1.61 go right
8. At mp 1.74 go left
9. At mp 1.85 go left
10. At top look for hammock
11. The hammock is attached to a large Douglas fir tree. Search around the base of the tree under the fallen log. Partially under a rock hidden by large pieces of bark.
12. Re hide it well. Thanks :-)