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The Disappearing Lake LbNA #49711

Plant date:Aug 14, 2009
Planted by:mossywood4 Contact
Found by: fleetwood7
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 14, 2009
The Disappearing Lake…
It disappears when it’s needed and reappears when it’s not!

The search for the Disappearing Lake begins at the parking lot of Rockville Hills Regional Park on Rockville Road, about a half mile past the Suisun Valley Road intersection.

Park your car and don’t forget to pay the minimal fee – it’s just a few dollars and helps pay for maintenance of this beautiful network of trails.

Here we go: As you enter the park, head straight on Trail #1. It soon begins to veer to the left.

About 100 yards in, there is a corner of chain link fence separating the park from a residential property. At this fence corner is a “Y” in the trail. Take the trail on your right. The trail begins to switchback uphill like a snake slowly climbing the grassy, wooded terrain.

When the trail flattens out, you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful view of farmland below and Suisun Bay at the horizon.

Continue on this main trail, which now remains fairly flat. Your walk is lined with oak trees, and you may see squirrels hunting for their treasures.

Once you see power lines above you and two small boulders on your left, you’re almost there! Trek up the last little incline, following the power lines to their end.

When you crest the hill, go past the information kiosk structure and through the green gate. Here is The Disappearing Lake.

Have a seat at the picnic table and face toward the lake. Now look right and see where the power lines end.

Just beyond, there are two oaks, one of which is pointing its long, crooked, lowest branch toward the Disappearing Lake. These two trees are beside a wooden walkway.

Cross over to the walkway and look for the large rocks nestled beneath the pointing tree. Hidden there is the Disappearing Lake Letterbox.

Since this is a well-traveled area, please be careful to cover up the box when you’re done.

A few facts:

This adventure is about 1.5 miles roundtrip, with an elevation gain of about 200 feet. It's actually a tiny part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail - so once you're done, you'll have bragging rights that you've hiked some of the B.A.R.T.!