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Bull Kelp LbNA #49639

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Supporter
Plant date:Aug 11, 2009
Found by: mr ahclem
Last found: Aug 23, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 11, 2009
Well, you learn something every day. For instance I just learned that bull kelp, a prolific seaweed, is also the fastest growing seaweed in the world. Apparently it can grow from a tiny spore into a 200 foot long plant in one Summer! Anyway, you’ll find it everywhere along the California coast line.

more info:

recipes even:

To find the Bull Kelp Letterbox head up to Westport and a few miles beyond on Highway 1. Drive into Westport Union Landing State Beach campground. There may be more than one of these Westport Union Landing State Beaches so make sure this one is at mile marker 80.49 or 80.5. Pull into one of the non-camping spots immediately on entering. Walk to the south end of the camping area. Look for the Stay Back Sheer Cliff sign. Do stay back, but because you are an intrepid letterboxer start walking south on the old trail. After awhile you will note an addition to the fencing on your inland side, a metal guard rail I guess you’d call it. Thirty steps after the termination of this metal guard rail you will see a rusty old utility box on your left. Keep walking. After awhile you’ll see a warning bell on your left. Walk 35 steps further and glance to your right. If you’ve passed by the huge overgrowth of willow you’ve gone too far. Look inside the crumbling posts on your right for your letterbox. Please recover carefully with as much as you can find so it’s not obvious.

And thanks for coming!