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Animals I Have Loved: Crystal LbNA #49630

Owner:beastwith5hands Contact
Plant date:Aug 11, 2009
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found: Sep 5, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 16, 2015
This letterbox is the first in a series about animals I have loved, or currently love. I have been an animal lover my entire life, and wanted to do something to pay tribute to the creatures that have given me such joy.

This box is dedicated to the family dog of one of my dear friends. Her name is Crystal. She is a white german shepherd. She died in 2008 and was laid to rest in a pet cemetery near my hometown.

Start in the parking lot of 2467 Nashville Highway. Go through the wooden gate and towards the large St. Francis statue. Take a right after the third bush on your right. Keep going that way, and look for a large monument dedicated to the dogs that served the Nashville Metropolitan Police. Stand facing that monument, you should see a small St. Francis on your right, and a stone for "Pricila" to your left. Look to your right for an old bench on the other side of the gravel driveway. Crystal is waiting there in the weeds behind the bench.

If you want on your way out you can stop by Crystal's final resting place. From the bench walk up the gravel drive towards the road. Once you pass a large bush on your right look to the right. There is a stone dedicated to Crystal, and her sister Ivory.