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702 tube LbNA #49571

Plant date:Jul 29, 2009
City:Clint's Well
Planted by:LV Hiker62
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 29, 2009
From the Happy Jack RV campground, go south on Lake Mary Rd approx 100 yds and turn right onto forest service road 122. ATVs only. Go several miles to an intersection of sorts. Take the left fork until you see a post that says 702. Take that road left and go approx 1 mile. On the left side of the trail at the bottom of a hill, there is a discarded corrugated culvert, smashed at 1 end. Visible next to the culvert is a large deadfall with an "x" carved into it. The box is in the culvert.