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Hiking to Hades LbNA #49384

Owner:Wisconsin Hiker Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jul 24, 2009
County:Contra Costa
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found: Sep 13, 2009
Hike distance:1-2 mi
Last edited:May 14, 2016
Last checked/found: 24-JUL-09

Location: SP where the devil resides
Time: ~2 miles, 60-90 minutes depending on trail conditions & your hiking speed.
Terrain: in & out hike on a trail with some (300-400 ft?) elevation change and panoramic views.

Have you been wicked lately? If so, you might find yourself in the thicket of the devil. As you frantically try to avoid the the deepest region of the Underworld (Tartarus), you attempt to flee to the summit. It’s a twisty, tortured drive, but you must atone for your sins.

As you near the highest point, you pull into a long-term area, hoping to remain in the Elysian Fields for quite a while. However this is not your fate. The demons demand that you descend on foot, so you are prodded toward the path that departs from the SE corner of lot.

“I am but a hapless hiker…” you moan as you start down the Summit trail. You are jabbed by the Devil’s Elbow at the kiosk, and thereby forced to continue descending into the subterranean realm via the NP trail.

As you pass over a small bridge you wonder if perhaps the river Styx may flow here on some days. But there is no rest for the wicked, so onward you trudge, eventually entering a thicket and descending through 2 switchbacks. The march continues….

Your hopes rise as you exit the vegetation and begin to ascend. After a short way you reach a “Y”. Why? Perhaps this is a reprieve? Most mortals who die will find their final resting place in the Erebus region, with no memories of their former lives. They will experience neither joy, nor sorrow. Others, who led a wicked life, are sent down to Tartarus and punished for their crime or sin.

To avoid the worst fate, take the smaller sinister path up for 25 steps. You may notice a tree with a hell-hole to the northeast. Here is darkness and shadow, which fills all the corners and crannies of the world. You crawl between this tree and another to take your permanent place in the netherworld.

Hades is a strict God who forbids his disciples from leaving his realm. However if by some chance you do escape and return to the land of the living, please send a message to let us know how things are going in Erebus.