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Dig Dug LbNA #49207

Owner:The Nerdy Slow Poke Contact
Plant date:Jul 25, 2009
City:Walnut Creek
County:Contra Costa
Found by: ETKA
Last found:Jan 10, 2010
Last edited:Jul 25, 2009
Dig Dug's Day job:

So you all recall the ever popular Atari game Dig Dug right? Well, that is his night job. His day job takes place in Shell Ridge open space, in Walnut Creek.
To go and see Dig Dug at work, head to Shell Ridge open space, at the Oro Valley Circle trail head.

From 680, get off at the Rudgear or South Main exit, depending on where you're coming from. Go down South Main to Rudgear (or if you exited there, forget that last direction) and head down Rudgear. Hook a left on San Miguel, then a right onto Mountain View. Head down Mountain View to the end, take a right onto Walnut Blvd. At the fork (stop sign), turn left onto Rockspring Place . The trail head will be on your left down a driveway with no mailbox, and a large field on the right of it.

Head down the trail. Watch out for Dig Dug's clientèle, the ground squirrels. To your right, you will see a single track trail that leads to a bench. Dig dug hates this part of the trail with all the rocks that can crush him. But you won't be tunneling, so head down the single track.

Around you, you will see examples of Dig Dug's work. The ground squirrels may make you think they dug the holes, but they lie. A ground squirrel would run scared at the sight of a Pooka or a Fygar. Dig Dug is hired for these excavations, and he is brave in the face of danger, as long as he has his inflater.

By this time, you're probably near his favorite hole. Directly on the right side of the trail, right next to the edge, you will see a tree that splits at the base with a long dead branch in the middle connected at the base. If you reach the end of the single track at the gate, you have gone too far.

At the tree, turn to your left and you will see another tree up the hill about twenty feet away that splits at the base. At the base of this tree, in his favorite hole, hidden from his squirrelly clientèle so he isn't bugged in his off hours, is Dig Dug. Say hi, and hope you don't look like a Pooka.

To finish the tour of Dig Dug's day job continue on the single track till you come to a gate and hook a u-turn to the larger trail. You will come back to your start point if you stay left at the fork.