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Olive Rising LbNA #49203 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jul 23, 2009
Planted by:NancyAnne & Doug
Found by: Liz
Last found:Sep 4, 2009
Last edited:Jul 23, 2009
This stamp was carved for us by The Olde Oak in honor of Granzella's in Williams, California. If you're from Northern California, chances are good you've been by Granzella's restaurant/deli/ice cream parlor/sports bar/olive tasting experience, etc. etc. Located just off I-5 south of Highway 20 (you can't miss it.....really, you can't), it's a great place to stop whether heading to or from Lake County or Fort Bragg. Have a bite to eat, sample the olives, take a bathroom break, visit the critters in the sports bar.

Originally built in 1976, on October 11, 2007 a kitchen fire destroyed the restaurant, thus closing down the second biggest source of employment in Colusa County. Many folk's first thought was, "What about the polar bear?!" Their second thought was, "Where will we go to the bathroom?!" The polar bear "survived," but the bathroom did not. About 10 months later, Granzella's re-opened, putting all 125 employees back on the job. Olive Rising is Nancyanne's, Talkative Doug's and The Olde Oak's tribute to this great institution.

Much as we love this place and the beautiful stamp, we are less than pleased with the hiding spot for the box. Turned out to be a bit tricky finding a spot in the sparse and well maintained area around the buildings, but we did our best. To the box:

Go to the parking lot on the West side of the street. This is not the main lot. There is only one MAPLE TREE in this lot - go there (hint: it's at the West end of a grassy strip). The tree is surrounded by shrubs and an EUONYMUS HEDGE about 8 feet long. On the North end of this hedge, about a foot off of the ground and about 2 feet into the branches of the hedge, Olive Rising is nestled. We think that being INSIDE the hedge (thus off of the ground) is a key to the survival of this box, since the area gets watered and detritus is removed regularly. Please rehide carefully and let us know how the box fares. Thanks for coming!