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Matthew 7:7 LbNA #49129 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Jul 23, 2009
Location: Walnut Creek Park
City:San Dimas
County:Los Angeles
Found by: JampersandJ
Last found:Apr 18, 2014
Last edited:Jul 20, 2017
Retired as of 7/19/17
Genesis 13:14

Just north of the 10 freeway, exit the 57 freeway at Covina Blvd and go west. Just after it curves into Badillo St, turn left onto Valley Center Ave. Soon, when the street "ends", turn left and continue down a now narrow and curvy Valley Center Ave. Past the bridge it becomes private property and leads to Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College, so just before the bridge, turn right into a dirt parking lot and picnic area for Walnut Creek Park.

Luke 13:24
Numbers 13:17
Exodus 2:5
Ezekiel 47:7
Numbers 22:26
Psalm 23:4
Zechariah 11:2
Psalm 62:3
Exodus 28:9
2 Samuel 6:13
Ezekiel 40:26
Psalm 61:2