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Padilla Bay LbNA #4907

Plant date:Jul 20, 2003
Planted by:Team Garlic Contact
Found by: Dances With Truffles
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 20, 2003
Padilla Bay is an estuary at the edge of the large delta of the Skagit River.

A large colony of great blue herons lives there as well as many other shorebirds such as dunlin and sandpipers. During the winter, the bay contains an average of 50,000 ducks of 26 species, and many raptors including bald eagles, peregrine falcons, merlins and snowy owls, so bring your binoculars!

To get to the Padilla Bay National Reserve:
Take Interstate 5 north from Seattle or south from Bellingham to exit 230, just north of Mount Vernon. Take Highway 20 west toward Anacortes about 6 miles. Turn right at stop light onto Bay View-Edison Road. Drive north about five miles, past Bay View State Park. The Breazeale Interpretive Center will be on your right, 1/4 mile past the state park.

From the parking lot head north along the sidewalk towards the barn. At the 3-way fork follow the white footprints to the right to the "Upland Trail". At the bench, go straight ahead eastward. At the fork in the trail, keep left. Keep going straight along the gravel path to the meadow. Stay on the path through the meadow and back into the woods. At the #11 fence, head west. At the fork in the trail where another small fence is, take the left spur toward the lookout. Approximately 28 steps along this trail, about 10 steps before the lookout, there is a small nurse stump on the right. Directly behind this stump as you are facing it, a little way back, is a tall tree, and behind this tree is another stump. The letterbox is in this stump, covered with bark. *WARNING: To the right of the lookout is a tree which doubles as a honey bee nest. Stay clear!